A Green Energy Supplier You Should Switch To!

Octopus Green Energy 50

Octopus Energy is a company that entered the market in 2016 to provide energy that isn’t super expensive and is good for the planet.

Since 2016, Octopus Energy has been gaining thousands of new customers a month and is supplying energy to over a million United Kingdom homes today.

Octopus Energy is a highly recommended energy supplier that has lots of five-star reviews on Trust Pilot too.

Why Choose Octopus Energy as your Energy Supplier?

Another advantage of switching to Octopus Energy is that the prices they offer to customers are reasonable and fair. Also, if you start with Octopus Energy and then want to leave, you can do that easily because there is no contract.

The world is changing, so choosing an option that can minimise environmental impact is something we should all be thinking about. Therefore Octopus Energy is a great option because they supply green electricity which is eco-friendly.

Although thinking about switching to renewable energy sounds great, it can often be complicated or more expensive so it doesn’t seem worth it. However, Octopus Energy offers similar prices to current popular energy providers.

One of their aims is to make green electricity the easiest for everyone so you don’t need to worry or doubt.

So consider switching to Octopus Energy supplier and get a £50 credit for you.

How does Octopus Energy make green electricity?

Octopus Energy has lots of sites that utilise different types of renewable energy including:

  • solar
  • onshore wind
  • ground source heat pump
  • biomass
  • landfill gas

Their sites include wind farms across the UK, Ireland, and France. Octopus Energy generates a large amount of renewable energy.

Even though there are other green energy suppliers, Octopus Energy is the leading company today.

You can follow them on their socials and they also have a blog on their website which has more detail.


For more information and to get a £50 credit please, click here. If you haven’t found what you are looking for, check here.

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