Textbooks are a necessity for a student but can be expensive and difficult to access. BibliU is an online platform with aims to make resources and textbook access easy for all students and institutions. About BibliU BibliU works by connecting with thousands of publishers to make class content available forContinue Reading


Applying to university can be overwhelming, but using this website can help. Unifrog is a platform designed to help young people discover and learn about the opportunities available to them. The website has information about universities, apprenticeships, UK colleges and other international schools. About Unifrog They have many different toolsContinue Reading


To go to university in the UK, you will need to apply through an online service called UCAS. UCAS is the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service. This includes universities, colleges and degree apprenticeships. In addition, certain universities will have specific requirements like an interview or an external exam. UCAS makesContinue Reading

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Chemistry Notebook

This chemistry notebook contains a periodic table on the back and GCSE chemistry equations on the first page. The 6×9″ notebook contains 120 blank lined pages with margins and is suitable for studying, revision and general notetaking. This notebook is suitable for all chemistry students, not only for GCSEs. GCSEContinue Reading