Biology Notebook

This 6×9″ minimalistic Biology Notebook contains GCSE biology equations on the back. With 120 blank lined pages with margins, you have plenty of space for notes. The notebook is suitable for all biology students as well as general notetaking and revision. The simple design provides you with a clean feel,Continue Reading

English Literature Quote Book

This English Literature Quote Book is the perfect notebook for annotating and analysing quotes. It is suitable for GCSE English Literature students, as well as all English students, and provides you with space to record quotes, who said them and when/where in the text. English Literature Quote Book There isContinue Reading

Chemistry Notebook

This chemistry notebook contains a periodic table on the back and GCSE chemistry equations on the first page. The 6×9″ notebook contains 120 blank lined pages with margins and is suitable for studying, revision and general notetaking. This notebook is suitable for all chemistry students, not only for GCSEs. GCSEContinue Reading

Here you can find a selection of floral notebooks perfect for studying, notetaking and journaling. Each 6×9″ notebook has 120 blank lined pages with margins. All notebooks can be found on Amazon, there is a wide selection of colours available in the same design, making it easy to mix andContinue Reading

Chemistry Notebook Front

About Chemistry Notebook This is a chemistry-based notebook. It is ideal for making notes, working out equations, or for anything you decide. It is A4, so it can easily fit in a rucksack or school bag with the rest of your folders and stationery. The Chemistry Notebook is also lined andContinue Reading