A Day of British Horse Racing

Ascot Racecourse is one of Britain’s most famous and well-known horse racing events. With a rich history, Ascot is still one of the top-voted racecourses for visitor attraction, which makes it a perfect event to attend, with friends or family. Also, a ticket to Ascot is a great gift idea for special occasions or birthdays.

Horse Racing tickets

You can check their website to find out about the upcoming events and book your race day tickets online. Prices vary and depend on the type of event and which enclosure you choose. Often there are even student discounts, allowing everyone to attend a race day within their budget. Children can come to race days for free but must be booked in advance.

You can also choose whether you would like your ticket sent to your email or by post.

Dress code

Ascot’s dress code is formal but does vary throughout the year. Deciding what to wear depends on whether it is: Royal Ascot, Flat Season or Jump Season. The dress code is also different depending on the enclosure you are watching the races from.

For example, in the Queen Anne enclosure, racegoers are asked to dress for a smart occasion but there is no formal dress code, except during Royal Ascot. Whereas in the King Edward VII Enclosure, women are encouraged to wear hats and men are required to wear a tie, a jacket and a collared shirt.

During Royal Ascot, when the royal family attend, the dress code is different in all of the enclosures.

Race Day

The day itself is filled with lots of entertaining things to do for visitors and racegoers. There is food and drink available, as well as a band, that performs music throughout the race day.

If you have an interest in betting, there are racecards available to be purchased on the day. Also, bets can be placed on-site, for when you are feeling lucky. Ascot has rail bookmakers and a betting ring.

Enjoy watching the races from the trackside lawns, the railings of your enclosure and the Grandstand stepping. You can even watch from your boxes and dining restaurants.


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