Travel Pass


When you travel or visit a new city, the cost is always an important factor – you need Travel Pass.

It can influence where you go and which attractions you visit. By using one of these passes, you can save money and access great attractions at the same time.

There are so many destinations and amazing cities to choose from. These include New York, London, Malaga, Las Vegas, and more!

How does It work?

Going on a trip often involves planning in advance.
Downloading the app can help you make the most of your trip.
You can save money even if you visit as few as two attractions. You can get access to free maps and guides to make your vacation or trip even easier. In addition, there are lots of ‘insider’ tips available for each destination.

The pass is made by expert travellers and locals too, so you can be sure that the top attractions are included.
You don’t need to worry about missing out.

Even better, you can use your one digital pass to access all your choices altogether.


When using the pass to sightsee, you can get different options that cover different budgets. This way you can see more for the same amount of money. You can visit your destination and be sure you are making the most of it for your budget.

NYC Sightseeing Pass

How long do these passes last?

The passes are valid for 12 months. This is from the date of the purchase. So, you can get your travel pass today and start planning today too!

There is also an offer of a full refund when using the Pass insurance.

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