Link5 is a website that offers lots of different resources about a range of topics and services.

Our website has a vast collection of links that can help direct you to find what you need. is simple and easy to use – no need to register or pay for any subscriptions. To use our website, just browse and search through the available links and click to go on to that website. is a website that is run and registered by Tangramarket, UK Company No 06336997 – a London-based company.

Tangramarket provides a range of website links about products, links services, and other useful resources.
This website aims to be a useful service that can save time searching aimlessly online.

We try our best to highlight good services and inform the public about practical and convenient websites that otherwise might have been missed or unknown.

As you don’t need to pay or register for any subscription, there are no commitments needed and you can use whenever you need.

Our categories menu organizes a range of topics into subtopics to help you efficiently find exactly what you’re looking for. Check out our Resources page where you can find Sweepstakes and a selection of free downloadable eBooks to further your knowledge in areas such as marketing and business. In addition, you can visit our Forums page if you have any questions or answers to share.

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