Glasses and Frames

Glasses and Frames

Glasses and FramesWe turn Dusty Old Gems Into Modern Classics

This brand specialises in unique specs and shades. They have been found and modernised, creating a special collection of glasses and frames.
Each pair of glasses have a story behind them, and you can find out all the cool, little details. For example, where they were found, who they were named after and how exactly they have been modernised and turned into wearable classics. What makes this brand different from others is that every frame displayed on its website, has been inspired by the journey to find them. It gives the feel of one-of-a-kind.

How to choose a frame?

Their collection is split into ‘Specs’ and ‘Shades’ so it is easy to direct your search to whatever eyewear you need.
Each frame has the sizing shown. Free global standard shipping is available. If you order in the Uk, the delivery time is usually between 3 – 5 days. For other countries, this will vary.

We turn Dusty Old Gems Into Modern Classics

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