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Quality Earplugs

This British brand promotes the importance of ear protection and improving well-being by offering a good night’s sleep with their quality earplugs.

Up to 60% of childhood hearing loss is preventable therefore, through the use of earplugs exposure to loud noises can be decreased.

They have a variety of products, all CE certified, giving you choice. Products include:

  • Foam
  • Silicone
  • and Music

The foam earplugs are latex free and disposable. By reducing noise by either 33 or 34 decibels, they are perfect for work, concerts and sleep.

Soft silicone earplugs with aloe vera are mouldable and reusable. Aloe vera inhibits the growth of certain bacteria and has a soothing sensation on the skin. For regular users of earplugs, this company offers a monthly subscription service to keep you stocked up.

The music earplugs have 23 decibels of sound protection and music filter technology, as a result, this allows you to be protected against harmful frequencies without distorting the noise. Furthermore, these earplugs have a discreet and almost invisible appearance with an integrated tab for easy removal. In addition, they come with a loop case which can be attached to a belt or keys, so you’ll never lose them.  Since they are washable, they can be reused many times.


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