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About Humble Bundle

Humble Bundle supports charities while selling software, games, and eBooks. They launched in 2010 and now have a gaming membership service, bundles of games, and publish games too.
All of this content is available for great prices for their customers.

The community at Humble Bundle have donated over $200,000,000 already since 2010 and the contributions they made have allowed for amazing opportunities to make a difference globally. Around the world, over 12,000,000 customers are using Humble Bundle already.

How does the site support charities?

At Humble Bundle they use flexible pricing where you can decide how much you want to spend. When you buy a game or bundle, you can decide the details like choosing how much of your money goes to charity and the creators, for example.

Every product in their shop contributes some of their profits to charity. If you wanted to you can select to have all of your money from your purchase given to charity.

What can you get from Humble Bundle?

They have ‘Humble Choice’ which is a membership for PC gaming. Every month the membership offers a mix of popular, quality PC games that you get to keep for as long as you like! You can even get special exclusive access to the Humble Collection which continues to expand. Also, there are discounts available, perks and bonuses too.

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There are also ‘Humble Bundles‘ which are collections of books, games, and software that are only available for a limited time. The bundles come in tiers – the more you contribute to charity, the more you get within your bundle.

Overall, there is the ‘Humble Store’ which is online and features lots of different games and titles from different publishers and developers. There are games from large, established developers and companies. Also games from newer, smaller companies too so there is a huge range with thousands to choose from.


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