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Initially known as ‘Drop Away’, they are a weight-management company. As well as specific diets and weight loss programs, DA has a range of products. These include products in the beauty and wellbeing category.

The Company’s Aim

They aim to help their customers feel healthy and good about themselves. It means they want to help you achieve your healthy target, rather than aim for a specific look or clothing size.

The way that DA aims to help you achieve your goal is through natural and simple methods. All the products they provide are of high quality and the founders of the group have used these products themselves.

What Sort of Products do they offer?

DA’s products are cruelty-free, lactose-free, vegan and Halal friendly. The products themselves are manufactured in France and the UK by respected pharmaceutical companies.

There are natural supplements that are designed to boost your metabolism for example. Or help you control your craving. Their supplements also come in bundles with offers. this is great as it helps save you money and makes it easier to follow their plans.

Does their plan work and get results?

On their website, there is a page dedicated to testimonials. A collection of some of their weight loss success stories. Everybody is different, and it can be hard to fit a weight loss program into your hectic lifestyle. However, DA’s products are designed to make it simple and easy, to allow for a higher rate of success.


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