Bookcases for Kids

Bookcases for kids

Bookcases for KidsTidy Books Kids bookcases

This is a company that started in 2004 that specialises in making bookcases for kids and storage units designed specifically for children.

Although there are lots of books, comics and stories available for kids, the only way to store these books is in a traditional bookcase for adults or boxes, shelves etc.

So what is it that makes these bookcases different and perfect for your children?

Firstly, they are designed so that the front cover of the book is visible rather than the spine of the book. It makes it easier for children to engage with the books and independently choose what to read.

The bookcases can also come with the letters of the alphabet placed across the front. Their 3D design provides the opportunity for children to learn and discover at their own pace. You can even choose to have the bookcase or shelf personalised with your child’s name.

How are these bookcases made?

They are available internationally and are handmade. The factory is based in China, where local workers put together the furniture, making each piece unique. Made from sustainable wood, all the furniture is unique with its natural ‘imperfections’ visible. Instead of using acrylic lacquer to coat the bookcases, which is popular with mass-produced furniture, water lacquer is used. It is better for the environment and brings fewer pollutants into your home.

Tidy Books Kids bookcases

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