Chemistry Notebook with Periodic Table

Chemistry Notebook Front

About Chemistry Notebook

This is a chemistry-based notebook. It is ideal for making notes, working out equations, or for anything you decide.

It is A4, so it can easily fit in a rucksack or school bag with the rest of your folders and stationery.

The Chemistry Notebook is also lined and has margins so laying out your work is simple.

In addition, on the front cover, there is an array of chemistry-related symbols, equations, and formulae. So, that can be helpful for revision. Every time you reach for the notebook, you see the information on the front!

There is a combination of organic and pure chemistry too!

What else is in the notebook?

There is a periodic table on the back cover of the notebook. It means you don’t need to carry extra sheets or waste time looking for a periodic table.
You will already have one printed onto the notebook itself.

Another advantage of the notebook is that it contains a map of mechanisms, including the type of mechanism and the conditions needed for example. Again, it will save you time and make it easier, to find out relevant information if you need it. You don’t need to worry about drawing and designing your own flowchart, of mechanisms as it has already been done for you.

This Chemistry Notebook has been carefully designed so it is simple, but also helpful in more than one way. It is especially ideal for A – level chemistry students, but anyone can use it – even if you just have an interest in chemistry or just need a notebook.

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