Helping Students Apply to University


Applying to university can be overwhelming, but using this website can help. Unifrog is a platform designed to help young people discover and learn about the opportunities available to them. The website has information about universities, apprenticeships, UK colleges and other international schools.

About Unifrog

They have many different tools to provide students with all the necessary information and details, regardless of their backgrounds and knowledge about the application process. There are tools specific to apprenticeships or even studying abroad. Some of these tools include a University Shortlist tool. You can research different institutions based on your desired course, and predicted grades. Also, some examples are filtering your search with distance, accommodation prices and student satisfaction. You can narrow down your choices and Unifrog will send you an email with your choices.

In addition, there is a Personal Statement tool. It allows you to plan out your statement effectively. You could choose to write in sections, therefore allowing you to work on it in smaller parts. Or, you could have it as one big section to help you check if it flows well and you don’t repeat yourself. Unifrog even saves all your drafts and edits, so if you change your mind, you can find a version or part you preferred. Also, Unifrog can send your statement to your teachers for feedback.

Linking University and Collage with Unifrog

There are over 1 million students using Unifrog already and the number of schools and colleges joining their community keeps increasing. The platform doesn’t just make it easy for staff and teachers to inform their students but also for parents to get involved.

Even if you don’t know what you want to do next, there are quizzes and tests to help you identify what your interests are.



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