Email Validation Tool

Email Validation

What is DeBounce?

DeBounce is an email validation tool and cleaning service that can identify invalid, spam, or non-operational mailboxes.
In addition, they make sure that no one on your list receives unsolicited emails during validation.

With excellent reviews from over 1000 customers and a 97.5% Deliverability Guarantee, DeBounce provides a fast, reliable, and helpful service.

How do they clean your email list?

DeBounce uses many features to organise and check emails in your list such as:

  • Spam-trap Removal – records of spam are removed
  • Selectable Download Options – allowing you to only download relevant content
  • Syntax Eliminator – removes email addresses with invalid syntax from your mailing list
  • The maximum complete API for actual-time and bulk validation

These are only a few features which can produce a cleaner, more efficient, and effective mailing list.
Others include MTA Validation, Domain Confirmation, Email Deduplication, and many more.

Email Validation Integrations

DeBounce works with many different ESPs (Email Service Providers) that can be easily integrated into your platforms to provide email marketing for your business as well as distributing services.

They also have a WordPress Email Validation Plugin that can support you in building a reputable list. This widget validates emails on all WordPress forms and has over 1000 active installations. Email Validation - Debounce Logo

On their website, you can find Integration Types such as Dashboard, JavaScript, and Zapier. Connection Types are organised into Single Validation and Bulk List Validation. These filters make integrating ESPs simple and efficient by allowing you to sort through services to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Check out their blog page with many articles on how to further develop your email list.

Please, click here for more information. If you haven’t found what you’re looking for, check here.

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