An Alternative to a Video Doorbell

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Video doorbells can be really useful to talk to visitors at your front door wherever you are. However, they can be complicated to install and expensive. Also, it could be overwhelming with so many choices available in the market. This adhesive tile provides a simple alternative for an amazing price.

What is it and how does this alternative to a video doorbell work?

This is a small tile with a QR code that your visitors can scan and it will allow them to communicate with you. You simply stick the tile to your door and download the app – visitors don’t even need the app. It keeps your phone number secure and private so it won’t be shared with others.

It works very similarly to a regular video doorbell. Everyone who is registered in the household will be notified that there is someone at the door. You will be updated with who answers. It can also work for flats, offices and other forms of shared accommodation. The app can let the visitor pick the flat or person they need to speak to, for example.

What makes this a good alternative to the usual video doorbells, is that this tile has no camera, or wiring set-up needed, so there are no privacy issues. All data that is shared between devices is secure and encrypted.

What if you can’t pick up the phone right now?

Obviously, there will be moments when you won’t be able to pick up, so the app had options where a live online chat can be started. Also, you can notify your visitor if you are on your way to answer the door, without needing to speak on the phone.

This is all available for a great price and has positive reviews, that can help you learn more.

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